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What is a Domestic Violence Safety Plan?


A Safety Plan is a guide to help you and your children stay safe from violence and harm. If you are planning to leave your partner and are concerned for the safety of yourself or your child/ren, it is recommended you consult with your local domestic violence support service, which can assist you to make a plan which suits your particular situation. Some of the things you may consider as part of your plan, include:

  • Having a bag ready with things you will need, and hiding or giving it to a trusted friend or family member to keep for you 
  • Having someone check in with you at agreed times, or call them at agreed times
  • Having a code word/symbol that you can use via the phone, text or social media that tells a friend, family or colleagues that you feel unsafe and need assistance
  • Deciding on the best way to leave the house (which door and windows) if you need to leave in a hurry
  • Thinking about where you will go if you have to leave in a hurry, and knowing where the nearest police station is
  • Keeping your phone charged and having the phone number of a domestic violence crisis service in a safe place.

You can learn more about how to make a safety plan with this helpful information from 1800RESPECT.

If you believe you or your children are in immediate danger, please contact the police in your state on 000.

If you or your children are feeling unsafe or experiencing domestic or family violence, you can access information, counselling and support through the 1800RESPECT website or call 1800 737 732. 1800RESPECT are open 24 hours a day during COVID-19.


Are you in a crisis?

  • If you are in immediate danger 

    call 000

  • 1800RESPECT - 24/7 domestic and family violence service:
    1800 737 732
  • Lifeline - 24/7 crisis support:
    13 11 14
  • MensLine - 24/7 telephone and online counselling for men:
    1300 78 99 78